Types of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Types of PPC

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”. This is such a marketing technique in which the advertiser has to pay for every click done by the user on his advertisements.

Types of PPC Marketing

There are mainly 6 types of PPC marketing

  1. Search Ad
  2. Display Ad
  3. Remarketing Ad
  4. Video Ad
  5. Shopping
  6. Social Media Ad

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1. Search Ad

Search Ad

Search PPC advertising, like the Digital Marketing example above, appears in SERPs. Search-based PPC ads usually show up in the top left or right corner of a page of search results & have a headline. Bing and Google are the only search engines that allow you to place search ads. Search ads are placed for a specific keyword, and when the user searches for that keyword, they get to see the ad results before the organic results. (See figure above) The ad appears before the URL of the search ad.

2. Display Ad

Display Ad

As you can see the advertisements running on my blog in which a company is telling about its product, are all display ads.

They are very beneficial for promoting businesses. They are similar in structure to search-based campaigns, but also include an image to drive more clicks and engagement.

3. Remarketing

​PPC remarketing allows you to target potential customers who have already shown interest in your company or product. By targeting a consumer with retargeting, you are more likely to engage a warm lead and close a sale. These ads usually look like display ads but aim to reach customers who have already interacted with a specific landing page, service, or product.

4. Video Ads

Video Ads

You can use paid video ads on search engines and on different social media sites. Paid ads are highly targeted just like static ads. Full Stock is an example of this. It tells you right off the bat what makes the product unique and what it can do for you. This ad is sponsored social media content.

5. Shopping

Shopping Ads

Paid Google Shopping ads are very visual and show up as a carousel above the main list of search results. These ads are short and to the point. Prices, headlines, and brands are usually displayed to users based on what they are looking for or want to purchase.

This example is a carousel of shopping results for the search term “buy sneakers online.”

6. Social Media Ads

Each social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) has its own ads, and you can measure how well they work by looking at the analytics data for each platform. This is an example of a paid ad on Facebook and a “Contact Us” call-to-action button to get people to click through.

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