8 Instagram Marketing Strategies

8 Tips to get Noticed on Instagram

8 Instagram Marketing Strategies | Instagram has gone from a simple way to share pictures to a serious way to market content and build an audience. It has helped people become self-made social stars by building brands and giving rise to influencers.

Thanks to the platform and sponsored posts, celebrities, business owners, models, and other professionals have even been paid. Brand engagement rates on Instagram are way higher than on any other social media platform. When compared to Facebook, brands are getting nearly 60 times more interaction per follower than they would on Twitter. Because of this, the platform has more than 25 million active business profiles and two million advertisers.

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These tips should help you promote yourself on Instagram and gain a large number of loyal followers.

1. Select Appealing Aesthetics

When it comes to Instagram, the way things look is very important. Its main purpose is to share pictures and videos, so images are very important.

First, you need to choose a style for your account that fits with your brand and stick to it. If you run a fashion brand, you want images that are clean and simple. If you want to promote a lifestyle brand, you should use photos that are brighter and more interesting.

If you follow someone on Instagram, it’s because they take great pictures and post interesting ones. Add your best photos to your public profile to get people’s attention as soon as they start to look around your page. Make sure that the look you choose fits your brand in a real and direct way. Don’t change your filters too often so you can develop a style and theme that people can follow.

2. Discover Your Specialization

Understanding your target demographic is essential for efficiently increasing your following. Determine who your ideal followers are and how they should connect with your social media and business.

Being multifaceted is beneficial, but if you have a travel blog, you should adapt your content to lure fellow travellers. If your concentration is fitness, your fitness videos and diet suggestions will appeal to exercise and sports fans. People will unfollow you if they see stuff that is irrelevant to them or if they do not sense consistency in your emphasis. Keep these considerations in mind before you begin posting anything.

Keep your professional page professional, and save your personal or weird photos for your non-business account.

3. Use Catchy Captions

When you’re on Instagram, it can be frustrating to look at pictures without knowing what they are. This is especially true when you see something interesting and want to know more. So why wouldn’t you tell the people who follow you?

Keep your followers interested by writing captions that are both funny and clear about what they are seeing. People like to feel like they know the brands they follow, and captions are a great way to do that. Use captions to talk to them. Keep your captions descriptive and informative, but don’t write too much. People like to read short, simple, and interesting bits of text on social media, and captions should reflect this.

4. Use your Hashtags Wisely.

Hashtags are a smart way to get more likes, views, and shares on your posts. Instagram only lets you use 30 hashtags in a single post, but you can use as many relevant hashtags as you want.

You don’t have to completely avoid the most popular ones, like #instadaily and #instagood, but you should know that it’s hard to rank for them because so many people use them. The more popular and general a hashtag is, the harder it is for people who want to see your posts and interact with them to find them.

Choose hashtags that are related to what you like and what you do. You can also make your own hashtags or find a new way to talk about something that is popular. You can type a hashtag in your caption or below it, and Instagram will give you suggestions for other hashtags to use.

Make the hashtags for each post fit the topic of the post, and more of the right Instagram users will see your posts.

5. Upload at the Right Time

The best way to get people to follow you on Instagram is not just to post, but to post at times when you will get the most views and comments. Even though Instagram’s timeline is based on an algorithm, the best times to post are still important to the algorithm.

You can see when most of your Instagram followers are online by looking at your Instagram insights. To see these insights, click on the “Profile” tab and then on the “Bar Chart” icon. If you know that most of your followers are online in the morning, post something to make their day a little better. If they’re scrolling at night, you don’t need to network with them during the day.

You should also put as much time between your posts as you can. You won’t get more attention if you post more than one thing at once, and you don’t want to flood people with posts, even if you have a big following.

If you want to share more than one photo, use the slideshow feature to put them all in one post. If you want to post right away and have an Android, you can save posts that are ready to go through Instagram’s “draughts.” So, you can post whenever you’re ready with the caption, hashtags, and edits you had in mind.

6. Engage actively

Followers will want to check out your profile more if they know you want to talk to them in the comments, through direct messages, or even in a live stream. You can reply to comments on your posts and tag people and places in your posts, as long as the tags are relevant to the picture or video you’re posting.

You should also comment on the posts of some of your followers who share similar content. This could lead to a conversation and an exchange of ideas. You can also follow relevant Instagram hashtags for your niche. With this feature, you can search for posts that are relevant to you, like and comment on them, and even gain new followers.

7. Use Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is another way to connect with people. You can post videos and photo statuses that your followers can see and, like Snapchat, if they like them, they can send you a message. It’s unpolished, unplanned content that lets people know what you’re selling and who you are. You can also add links to your website, which look better in a Story than in a single post or your bio.

Going live is the best way to make use of this feature. Followers can comment and join the conversation in real-time when the post is on Instagram Live. Don’t just try to sell your services or whatever you’re promoting during your Live sessions. Make it fun and something people will want to watch all the way through in the 24 hours the video is up.

It’s a great way to introduce a product or do an interview because people can send you their questions. There are also options where someone can send you a request to join your live video, so you can have a live conversation on two screens at once.

8. Look at Your Competition

The social media world is very competitive, just like many other fields. It’s a good idea to look at other Instagram users who focus on the same things you do. Check out their engagement metrics and see what they post, when, and with what hashtags.

Check out the kind of content they use to get the most followers and interactions. It’s also helpful to see which posts don’t do much to get people’s attention. With these tips, you’ll be able to improve your own content and stay ahead of your competitors. You can also get more out of it if you make sure your posts and videos go together as well as possible.


Instagram has become a worldwide social media powerhouse, and if you use the best social media strategies, you can use Instagram as a real hub for advertising.

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