7 things you need to know about Facebook Ads Manager

7 things you need to know about Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is a great place to advertise your business, but you need to know how to use Facebook Ads Manager well. Most people who start using Facebook ads don’t put much thought into them. They jump in and hope for the best. This doesn’t seem right, and we can help you make it right.
With some planning, you can make sure that your Facebook advertising doesn’t waste money or time. Here are seven ways to plan ahead to get the most out of advertising on Facebook in 2022.

How does Facebook Ads Manager work?

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful, self-service tool for buying ads that lets you create, edit and analyze paid marketing campaigns on Facebook. You can also run more than one ad at the same time and see how well they are doing.

You can make ads that appear in the Newsfeed on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices based on the location, age, and gender of the people you want to reach, as well as their behaviors and interests. You can also run multiple ads at the same time and see how well they are doing.

Go to Ads Manager and click on “Create” to start. Choose “Account Overview,” “Campaigns,” and “Ad Sets or Ads” from here. Here, you can manage your assets or look at your results in columns that you can change.

Considering that more than 2.91 billion people use Facebook every day, you can only imagine how many people you can reach with this tool.

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Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Campaign Planner is the platform for managing ads where you can make and improve your Facebook ads. It is a powerful tool with many features that can help you manage your Facebook ads. As an advertiser, you can get a lot out of Facebook’s Campaign Planner.

Some of its most important benefits are:

  • Easy to reach the right people. With access to more than 2 billion users, you can reach a big audience and send campaigns that are very relevant to them.
  • Ad placements. You can put your ad in different places, like the Newsfeed, Instagram Stories, Instant Articles, etc., and combine them with the right marketing mix to reach your business goals.
  • Analytics and optimization that work well. You can look at important Facebook metrics like detailed insights and performance metrics to see how well your campaign is doing.
  • Create custom audiences. You can use your list of customers or website visitors to make custom audiences and divide your audience into groups that you can then retarget with ads that are very relevant to them.

Seven Tactics for Facebook’s Ads Manager

Take a look at these seven tips for using Facebook’s Ads Manager to boost your business.

1. Target people who use Facebook Payments.

With Facebook Payments, people can buy things directly through Messenger while talking to a business or after the conversation is over.

Since so many people use Facebook Payments, it makes sense for eCommerce sellers to find ways to reach them. People who use Facebook Payments are also likely to be loyal customers and promoters of the platform. This means they are likely to interact with brands and buy things.

Users who pay with Facebook are also good targets because their debit card information is already linked to the platform. Users can buy things faster and easier than ever before now that they can link their payment information to social media sites.

2. Pay attention to big life events

You can’t just let Instagram and Facebook do the work for you if you want to grow your audience. If you do that, your audience will become old and useless.

But if you grow your audience in a smart way, you’ll be able to reach more people and make more sales. You’ll also keep a good name for your brand.

Social media marketers know that most people look at their posts and ads when they talk about big life events. It’s a good way to grow your audience on Facebook or Instagram, whether you want to reach more people naturally or get more people to see your paid ads.

What are “life events,” then?

Things like getting married, having a baby, or moving are examples of life events. People go online at these big times to catch up with friends, share news, and look for new products and services.

When customers are going through big changes in their lives, they look for businesses that can help them and meet their needs at that time. Even Singapore’s social media data shows that people use social platforms to find businesses.

Here are seven ways to get more people to follow you on Facebook and Instagram by focusing on big events:

  • Make ads that are geared toward big events
  • Pay attention to new chances
  • Go after people who have birthdays.
  • Pay attention to grads
  • Target people who have just moved, and pay special attention to those who are in new relationships.
  • Tap into nostalgia
  • If potential customers don’t respond at first, you can keep after them with retargeted ads and follow-up campaigns.

3. Retargeting

If you own an eCommerce store, retargeting is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.

Why? Because it lets you send a message that makes people want to buy to people who have already been to your site or looked at a product page. You are reminding them of your brand and why they should choose you over a competitor. Retargeting ads can also help customers remember your brand when they compare products online.

4. Experiment with various ad formats.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram has become a big part of how brands use social media. Both networks give you a lot of ways to target your ads and a lot of different ad formats to choose from.

The hard part is deciding which format is best for your business. One option that is often overlooked is testing out different types of ads at the same time.

The more you compare different types of ads to each other, the better you’ll be able to make ads that work. Don’t make the rookie mistake of using the wrong ad format for your Facebook ad.

If one type of Facebook or Instagram ad doesn’t get you the results you want, try testing two or three different types at once. This can help you figure out which one fits your audience and goals the best. Then, you can use that information to improve your future ads on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many different kinds of ads on social media, such as image ads, product ads, carousel ads, collection ads, interactive ads, stories ads, and so on. You need a test to figure out which format is best.

You could, for example, use image ads to get people to visit your website. You can link to certain pages on your site from these. The best places for them to work are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

5. Make the most of Facebook Pixel data.

Facebook Pixel is a powerful tool that helps you figure out who visits your website and who buys from you. The Facebook Pixel code lets you keep track of things like page views, time spent on the page, scroll depth, shopping cart history, purchases, and so on.

This will help:

Figure out what people do and how they get there.
Verify income
Get information and do an analysis
Run retargeted ads smartly
Make ads for future campaigns that are better and smarter.
Here are some ways you can use data from Facebook Pixel to make better ads and grow your business:

  • People who visit certain pages of your site should see ads.
  • Ads can be shown based on what people do on certain pages.
  • People who have done certain things should see ads (or not)
  • Put up ads that make people want to do certain things.
  • Create custom audiences based on what people do on your website.
  • Create audiences that look like custom audiences
  • Set up conversion paths for website events

6. Align your feed posts and stories

When it comes to user-generated content, sharing an Instagram post to your story can get more people to look at it. You can also share your Instagram posts as Facebook stories at the same time.

You can also make your stories into stickers that people can click on and create a link back to the original Instagram post. Viewers will be able to see the username of the original poster, which is a great way to give credit to the people who make user-generated content.
It’s important to keep track of both stories and feed posts well, and good planning is a big part of that. If you want to see big changes on Instagram, you might want to use a tool.

7. Plan campaigns that include more than one ad placement.

You can choose from different ad placements on Facebook. With ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other apps and websites in the Audience Network, you can reach your audience. No matter what your advertising goals are, you can also change your campaign to get the results you want.

A case study shows that ASUS Poland got a 2.4X return on ad spend, a 30% increase in cart activity, and a 44% increase in site traffic after running a campaign that put ads on Instagram, Facebook, and the Audience Network automatically.

They wanted to get the word out about the Vivobook Laptop in Poland to people between the ages of 18 and 45 who were interested in PC laptops, music, electronics, digital trends, and technology.

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